Interpol Get Chased Through Mexico City in 'The Rover' Video

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On Wednesday (July 11), Interpol revealed the video for their latest single, "The Rover." The visuals were shot in Mexico City while the band was doing a press conference to announce its upcoming album, Marauder. Directed by Gerardo Naranjo (Narcos, The Bridge), the cinematic clip follows the band and Ebon Moss-Bachrach (GirlsThe Punisher) as they embark on a whirlwind journey through Mexico's capital. 

During the video, Moss-Bachrach interrupts the band's press conference and presses his head against singer Paul Banks', causing confusion in real-time. Now, that mystery's been solved.

“I like to describe the video for ‘The Rover’ as a prequel.  It’s the origin story of the character described in the song, the birth of a cult leader," Banks describes in a statement about the video.  "When we meet him he is partly unhinged. He’s a man on the verge, an artist subjected to great pressures, and beset with existential frustrations.  A distracted hipster who enjoys psychedelics, let’s say."

"The events that take place in Mexico City, be it a bump on the head, a visit to a shaman, or the influence of his rescuers (the street gang known as ‘Los Locos’) trigger the birth  the eruption –  of this new figure, ‘The Rover.’ His rescuers become his first followers," he continues. 

"In the end of the video he exacts his ‘revenge’ on Interpol with a mischievous act of disruption during the press conference. He grabs me by the head – to save me? Forgive me? Or simply as a gesture of his new independence – the butterfly becoming.”

Watch the video below.

Photo: Getty Images


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