Howard Frankland Bridge Construction to add lanes

Next time you are stuck in traffic on the Howard Frankland Bridge, remember this story!  The FDOT is rebuilding the existing northbound bridge, which was originally constructed in 1960, and adding capacity to alleviate the dreaded daily traffic congestion. 

This new design will aid in emergency response situations, as well as help speed up Hurricane evacuation as we would be able to utilize all the lanes. 

This new design will provide improved operations of Express BusService on the bridge and get Tampa Bay ready to accommodate the possibility of future mass transit. The new design also includes a bicycle/pedestrian trail! How nice would that ride be? But that isn't the only exciting part, you have probably heard the term "light rail" on the news, this new bridge would help prepare us for our own light rail in the future. 

In order to accommodate a light rail in the future, they would only need to widen the existing southbound bridge and shift some of the travel lanes. 

Below is a video showing the plans for a widened Howard Frankland Bridge, share this article with your friends and family and get excited for the future of Tampa Bay!

Gandy Blvd. Construction Project Making Progress - Thumbnail Image

Gandy Blvd. Construction Project Making Progress

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Check out the new Gateway Expressway in Pinellas County

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