If You're Tipping Like This, STOP!

There's a classic phrase, "All you need to know about someone is how they treat their waiter."

Well if we are all judged by that when we get to the big, white gates... expect Peter to send your ass straight down to H-E-double hockey sticks if this is your logic when it comes to tipping!

This is bad on so many levels.

First, I'd like to point out that I knew this guy was gonna be a scumbag when the story started with... 

"So I took the wife..."

Next, how does he even know that $5 is an appropriate amount to tip BEFORE he even orders? My guess is he's a 9% tipper at best.

Lastly, if the tip is going to make or break your evening... maybe you and "the wife" should hit the drive thru instead. -Buster

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