American Horror Story Season 8 is long awaited Murder House/Coven crossover

Season 8 of American Horror Story hits FX on 9/12/18 and this season looks insane as it will be the long awaited Murder House/Coven crossover season! 

Confirmed AHS Season 8 cast members 

  • Jessica Lange, who will be reprising her role as Constance Langdon.
  • Sarah Paulson, who will be bringing back Cordelia Foxx, Billie Dean Howard and a new character called Venable.
  • Kathy Bates, who will play Ms. Meade.
  • Billie Lourd, who will be playing Mallory.
  • Billy Porter
  • Cody Fern, who will play the grown up version of Murder House's Michael Langdon.
  • Emma Roberts, who will bring Madison Montgomery back to life. 
  • Leslie Grossman, who will be playing Coco Saint Pierre Vanderbilt.
  • Adina Porter, who will be playing Dinah Stevens.
  • Cheyenne Jackson
  • Evan Peters, who will be playing a hairdresser. 
  • Dame Joan Collins, who will be playing the grandmother of Peters' character.
  • Billy Eichner

Unfortunately Angela Bassett (Marie Laveau in Coven) will not be returning for season 8 as she is working on other projects. 

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