All the Times Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj Were #friendgoals at the VMAs

It's no secret that Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj are buddies. They've collaborated together on multiple occasions (including tracks on each lady's latest album). They've performed together many times (including the 2016 VMAs). But their love for each other soared into bestie status during Monday night's (August 20) VMAs. From helpin' a sister out to spillin' tea, these are all the times Ari and Nicki were #friendgoals at this year's VMAs.

Ari Lifting Nicki's Train When She Steps Onstage

Nicki Minaj won the Best Hip Hop Moon Person for her track "Chun-Li," and when she walked onstage to accept her award, Ari gave her a helping hand by lifting her elegant train to make sure her BFF didn't become a meme. 


Nicki Giving Ari a Shoutout During Her Acceptance Speech

After Ari's thoughtful aid in helping Nicki climb the steps to grab her Moon Person, the "Chun-Li" said thank you by shouting out her bestie during her acceptance speech. "I'm so friggin' proud of you, Ariana" she said. During that same speech, she clapped back at a Fifth Harmony diss Tiffany Haddish shelled out at the beginning of the night, defending her girl Normani.


Ari and Nicki Spilling the Tea

During a break in the action, there's video of Ari and Nicki doing what all good gal pals do best — spill the tea. Now if only we knew what (or who) they were gossiping about!


Ari Embracing Nicki Before Jumping Onstage

When Ariana won the Best Pop Moon Person for her single "No Tears Left to Cry" she ran down the aisle to give Nicki a hug before jumping onstage to accept her award. Also, the double kiss she gave her beau Pete Davidson deserves all the heart eye emojis. The VMA red carpet was the new(ly engaged) couple's debut, and it was adorable.


Photo: Getty Images


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