Glow In The Dark Reese's Are Coming For Halloween

Listen, if you wanted to trap me in a cage (why?), all you'd have to do is throw some Reese's in there and BOOM... you got me. So it's no shock that I'm all about the gimmick Reese's and Hershey chocolate candies will have this Halloween.

Look for special GLOW IN THE DARK editions of my favs this year in stores. No, the chocolate won't glow... just the wrappers!

As Delish says, think of all the cool stuff you can do with a bunch of GITD wrappers. I'd have them trailing up the sidewalk to my front door to lure Trick-Or-Treaters and then BAM, jump out as a zombie. Not because the kiddos will enjoy the scare but on the off chance they'll drop their baskets on my porch.

What? -Buster

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