Florida Hero Siblings Lift Overturned Vehicle, Save Family Inside

FINALLY!  A good story out of Florida!!! lol

Last Friday morning, Aaron & his sister Jolisa were driving a delivery truck on I-75, when they saw a car sideswipe another car, forcing that vehicle into a watery roadside ditch.  The family, including a mother, father, and 11-day-old baby, were trapped in the overturned RAV4.

Aaron said at first they tried to break the window, but couldn't.  So him and his sister actually flipped the vehicle over, then smashed the windshield out, and helped the family to safety.

Aaron injured his arm, while his sister injured her fingers.  Thankfully none of the members of the family in the overturned vehicle were injured.

FHP are still looking for the driver of the other vehicle; witnesses say it might have been a white Chrysler 300.


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Totally Spoiled Podcast: Episode 27

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