Merriam-Webster Adds 840 New Words To The Dictionary

Wait... I thought 'bougie' was already a word!

I guess not, because it's one of the 840 new words Merriam-Webster just added to the dictionary!!

And even though you've been telling your bff you're busy 'Instagramming', it wasn't an actual word...until now.

Some more new words that are now OFFICIAL are:

  • GOAT (Greatest Of All Time)
  • fav
  • mocktail
  • hangry
  • bingeable 
  • marg (short for 'Margarita')
  • ribbie ('RBI')
  • adorbs
  • rando
  • guac
  • hophead

It's my mission to use ALL of those today!

What other words would you like to see be added to the dictionary?


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