A School In Georgia Is Bringing Back Paddling As Punishment

I'm kinda confused.  I thought we were living in the 21st century.  But I guess not.

A charter school in Georgia is bringing back corporal punishment with paddling!  The Georgia School For Innovation And The Classics (rolls right off the tongue) sent a form home for parents to choose whether they give the school the right to paddle their kid on their 3rd offense.

The parent can opt out, but then the student would in-turn be suspended for up to 5 days.


Listen, I actually believe in corporal punishment...at home.  I believe in spanking by parents. But I don't think it in ANY way belongs in schools.

If a kid is misbehaving, especially enough for a third strike, then suspend them or expel them, and let the parent deal with it. I think bringing corporal punishment back into the schools just opens up a HUGE can of worms.

That's just my opinion...not 93.3FLZ's.

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Totally Spoiled Podcast: Episode 28

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