Football Mascot Shoots Himself In Groin With T-Shirt Cannon [VIDEO]

This is both the funniest and unfunniest video I’ve seen in a LONG time...but I can’t stop watching it!

Chip The Buffalo, the mascot for the University of Colorado, took a shirt to the groin at full blast when the t-shirt cannon he was using malfunctioned. 



But I can’t stop watching!!! 😂

The mascot was then carted off the field, which I don’t think I’ve EVER seen. 


Thankfully Chip is ok. 

Totally Spoiled Podcast: Episode 29
Totally Spoiled Podcast: Episode 29
This week on the Totally Spoiled Podcast, Fink & April talk about corporal punishment in schools, because of this charter school in Georgia bringing back paddling....

But let’s watch that again.... lol



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