Six Flags Offering Prize If You Can Stay In A Coffin For 30 Hours

Six Flags St. Louis is offering people the chance to win $300, season passes, and more...if you can stay in a coffin FOR 30 HOURS!!! AND you get to keep the coffin! lol

$300???  THAT'S IT???

Contestants would get in the coffin at 1pm on a Saturday and stay in it until 7pm on Sunday.

You get 6 minute breaks every hour to go to the bathoom.

Think you could do it?

Here's what makes it somewhat easy: contestants can have a friend there during normal business hours, AND you can be on your phone inside the coffin.  Plus have a pillow and a blanket! And Six Flags is gonna provide meals, snacks, and cellphone chargers!!

Doesn't sound that bad to me!

Now if it was being inside the coffin, with no friend and no phone, THEN it sounds like a challenge!


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Totally Spoiled Podcast: Episode 30

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