Man Stages Own Death In Motorcycle Accident For Wedding Proposal


This guy in the Philippines staged a motorcycle accident, pretended to be dead, Traffic cops even played along, JUST SO HE COULD PROPOSE TO HIS GIRLFRIEND!

Are you kidding me right now??

Ladies, would you say yes to this???

Explanation of the entire scene below.

From the YouTube video:

The man staged the scene with help from traffic cops who parked their truck in front of him as he lay lifeless on the ground next to his motorcycle.  A traffic officer then arrived at the scene with his girlfriend and told her to prepare for the worst. Visibly panicked, she ran over in floods of tears on the road in South Cotabato, the Philippines, on September 30. But as cops motioned to revive him, Jeffrey, a soldier, sat up and produced a small red box containing an engagement ring from his pocket and asks in Filipino: ''will you marry me?'' The relived woman's tears changed to a smile and laughter as she hugged the female officer. She accepted her boyfriend's proposal.

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Totally Spoiled Podcast: Episode 32

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