2-Year-Old Shreds $1000 That Parents Had Saved

Someone might wanna let this couple know you get 16 chances every weekday to win $1000. 

Their 2-year-old son shredded money they’d saved up to pay back their parents for football season passes! $1000 gone!!

But they may be able to get it all back!


Had no idea there was a govt department that deals with mutilated cash!

They were told to bag it up, send it in, and in 1-2 years they can get it back. 

Totally Spoiled Podcast: Episode 32
Totally Spoiled Podcast: Episode 32
This week's episode of the Totally Spoiled Podcast gets a little heated, as April and I argue when it's right to make yourself completely available in a relationship;...

I guess that’s a positive to this? Lol

Ps: listen every weekday at :25 past every hour to win $1000! The #MostFreeMoney in Tampa Bay!!


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