Insane Video Shows Fight Between Passenger & Driver Caused Bus Crash

On Sunday, a bus in China plunged off a bridge into a river, killing 13 people and leaving 2 missing.

Insane video just released by police from inside the bus shows a fight between an angry passenger and the driver caused the accident.

According to reports, the passenger was angry that the driver wouldn't pull over to let her out, when she had missed her stop and there was no bus stop close for him to pull over.

I've watched this video like 20 times, and what's crazy is, to me, it looks like the driver seems perfectly calm with yanking the wheel and sending the bus over the bridge.

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Totally Spoiled Podcast: Episode 36

Reports I've read say he lost control of the bus when he took his hand off the wheel to protect himself, but to me, it looks like he yanked the wheel.

Again, this is just my opinion from watching the video, with zero training in bus driving.

Either way, such a tragedy.  Thoughts and prayers are with the families of those killed.

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