Bye Groundhog, Internet Finds New Weather Mascot

New York city's wildlife helps us roll into the new year!

Thursday afternoon in The BIG Apple, a little squirrel (Well, I wouldn't say little. Looks like he's eaten more than a few fried wontons in his life!) was seen captured on film chomping down on a egg roll, while hanging out in a Manhattan tree.  

In past years, New York has had it's famous "Pizza Rat" on the run, and of course there's the beloved groundhog, that determines what weather we're going to receive for the season. Now,  do you think this means we're going to get an early spring? Or that 2019 is only going to go downhill for the year?

This squirrel seems to be taking the top spot! This egg roll eating squirrel has gone viral in only a few hours. 

 In any case, it doesn't look like this squirrel is on a new year health kick! -@georgiasmith87

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