7 Things You May Have Missed In "Bird Box", Including Deleted Demon

Ever since watching Netflix's "Bird Box", I've been watching a lot of these videos on YouTube to see how much stuff I missed in the movie. One of the videos I came across had one detail I COMPLETELY missed, plus had what the demon was SUPPOSED to look like...but wasn't used.

You can watch the entire video below, but I cued it up to something I didn't even notice.  It has to do with the couple that leaves the Douglas' house to find their children.


I also read about how originally they were gonna have a scene that showed the demon, but decided to cut it. 

I cued up the video below to where it shows the early stages of the prosthetic that was gonna be used!

As much as I wanted to see the demon, I'm kinda glad they didn't show it.

PS: in the latest episode of the Totally Spoiled Podcast on iHeartRadio, we totally dissect "Bird Box".

Totally Spoiled Podcast: Episode 42 - Thumbnail Image

Totally Spoiled Podcast: Episode 42

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