Florida Takes Top Spot Of National List

Finally Florida makes news for something we can be proud of. 

Florida has been ranked the top spot in the country for the best roads. I've done my fair share of travelling, and I wasn't sure about this... However, Florida is ranked number ONE! 

This wasn't voted by our fellow Floridians either!

This information was gathered by a company that create high definition maps for self driving cars. This collected data from over five million miles of roads. The data looked at the road surfaces, road paint condition, cracks in the pavement, potholes, and surface smoothness. When it was all said and done, Florida took the crown! 

The Top 5 Best Roads in America are:


2. Hawaii

3. Washington

4. Virginia

5. Tennessee

As for the top 5 worst roads: 


2. Iowa

3. Indiana 

4. Ohio

5. Kansas

Hawaii has been ranked number one as the healthiest state as I noted in a previous blog, and now Hawaii has been listed as number two in the states best roads. Hawaii looks like its got it going on!-@georgiasmith87

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