Netflix Chills Account Sharing

A potentially sad day could be glooming upon us in the video streaming world. How could that be? We get so much from Netflix! 

No matter where we are, as long as we have a username and password we have access to all the unlimited movies, hit series, documentaries... right?

In Las Vegas, a new software from the Consumer Electronics Show has the ability to pin point users who share Netflix accounts and passwords. If you're streaming from someone else's account, that may soon come to an end! You will have to kiss the free access goodbye and cough up that monthly Netflix subscription cost. 

If you're like the rest of us, and guilty of using someone else's account... you can pick your Netflix plan:

Basic Netlfix plan start at $7.99/month

Standard at $10.99/month 

Premium at $13.99/month

Research shows around 26% of people share their Netflix information. If that continues over the next two years, Netflix would lose up to $11.1 billion. Wow! All the sudden $13.99/month doesn't sounds too bad!

So, good for Netflix for making even MORE money in years to come. So, what? I have to actually pay for the services I use now? Wow, thanks Netflix.-@georgiasmith87

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