Man Finds Snakes In Da Hood

This guys handles this problem a lot better than I would have...

Miami resident, Ernst DImanche dropped his kids off at school on Friday morning, he returned home to work on his Cadillac, he got a shocking surprise when he lifted up the hood his car...

Ernst "just went crazy" when he found a boaconstrictor chilling comfortably, and slithering around on his engine. I guess this snake has good taste in cars! 

Here's footage of Ernst with the snake! In the footage, you see the snake sitting calmly and peacefully like it was his car. 

Ernst called animal control, however there fee was $300 to help remove the snake, and Ernst couldn't afford that, so he had his neighbor Demetri Giddings help. Demetri retrieved the snake out with a clothing hanger. Ernst says he can relax now that "my snake day is over" 

I would've just sold my car and moved!-@georgiasmith87

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