Florida School: 'Live Out Your Dreams At New Mermaid University'

Eat your heart out Ariel! 

It's Georgia here. Now, what girl watched "The Little Mermaid" and wasn't inspired to start practicing swirling and gliding like Disney's 'Ariel' in the pool? Well, I for sure did that back in the day! The whole mermaid popularity continues to today, and is even more favored now than ever. 

If you've always wanted to see what it's like to be a Mermaid, or what it takes to be a mermaid,  you're in luck! Mermaid University is coming to Jacksonville. You'll have the chance to learn lessons in Mermaid 101, and what it takes to be an actual mermaid.

At the Mermaid University, courses are offered to children and adults. AND after learning the safety rules, moves, and becoming mermaid certified, you will then begin swimming with a mermaid tail. The Mermaid classes will be like private swimming lessons and will offer:

  • Mermaid 101 (Basic mermaid class, for children)
  • Mermaid Boot Camp (for adults who want to get in shape while having a great time!)
  • Mermaid Exercise Course for Children

If you want to more details on this Mermaid University, click here!

I think I'm gonna stop everything and become a mermaid. Sorry mom!- @georgiasmith87

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