Health: Benefits To Drinking Your Own Urine?

You Down With Drinkin' Pee? Yeah, You Know Me.

It's Georgia here, and I come from a family of athletes, and I've seen and heard of all sorts of diets, drinks- I mean I drink a glass of apple cider vinegar every morning, which I can find revolting! Consuming your own urine on the other hand? What benefit would that have?!

Believe it or not, 'taking the piss' seems to be have its perks. 46 year old former Mr. Universe contender John Moniz-DePass from Ontario, Canada says he drinks his own urine FIVE days a week! He claims "this made him feel healthier and more energetic than ever." 

John has switched eating for drinking his urine five days a week... Also, that by doing this diet he can drop to as little as 130 lbs. John has less than 3,000 calories throughout the week, DRINKING NOTHING BUT URINE. His goal is to completely give up on food for good. 

John says that he reduced his his meat intake a couple of years ago, and notices changes right away. He says the pain he had previously experienced reduced within a day or two. John adds, "I slept better, felt better." 

Now, with the urine diet John says: 

"My body is more lively. energetic, vibrant. I'm also able to communicate better, I'm able to express myself better. I'm more self aware and sleeping better. I can breathe more deeply." 

Doctors are not recommending this diet. However, this diet is more common than we thought. Mexican boxer Juan Manuel Marquez- drank his own urine preparation for his 2009 fight with Floyd Mayweather Jr. Juan said "This is something I have been doing it for the past six or seven fights, and has given me good results.

His wife's Dora's and children's first reaction was of "total disgust" with this new urine lifestyle of her husbands. She hoped this was just a phase, and was "mortified" when she smelt saw the urine. She says John stores his urine in the fridge, and bathes in his own year old urine. Dora refuses to kiss her husband until hours later after his urine consumption. Wow, that's support.... @georgiasmith87

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