Wienermobile Drivers Wanted

"I wish I were an Oscar Mayer Wiener, that is what I truly wish to be!"...

Between the years of 1965-1999, did you see the Oscar Mayer hot dog shaped vehicle ("The Wienermobile") either on TV or in person driving around, and have hopes that someday YOU could cruise the streets in that?

Well, some peoples dreams are going to be coming true! The famous hot dog company are on the search for their next Wienermobile drivers! 

This position as a Wienermobile driver (aka "Hotdogger") starts in June, and will last for one year with the Oscar Mayer Wiener company.

 The driver will drive all over the country in the legendary Wienermobile that became their famous symbol in 1936.

 As a driver you'll be doing media and charity events, interviews, "delivering joy to thousands of people everyday" and more during their one year employment as a Hotdogger. Sounds pretty exciting. 

Oscar Mayer is looking for candidates with: 

  • BA (Bachelor of the Arts) 
  • B.S. in communications (Bachelor of Science.) 
  • PR (Public Relations)
  • Marketing Degree

However, they say ANYONE can apply! Click here to apply as a Wienermobile driver!

You gotta hurry! Get those resumes polished because are accepting applications until January, 31st. How much of a legend would you look like cruising around in a Wienermobile?!  

Hey, maybe if the government continues to be shut down any longer this could be a good side hustle for our surgeon general -@georgiasmith87

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