230 New Emojis To Roll Out In 2019

Hey, it's Georgia here! We all have our favorite emoji's. Emoji's have become inherent to our digital conversations.

Heck, even my mom who's nearly 60 uses emoji's more in a message than actually typing in a text message. Especially if you have a smart phone or use social media and throughout the past few years the emoji's have evolved. With that being said, even the most innocent emoji's have a hidden (We have all known the hidden meaning to the eggplant emoji for years.)

According to the new official Emojipedia there will be 230 new emoji's added to the list, that will be released later on this year. On the updated list, it'll include an ice cube, underwear, wider range of skin tones, animals like a sloth, skunk and flamingo. Additionally, new food emojis like waffles, butter, garlic to name a few.

There will be new emoji's disabilities such as wheelchairs, mechanical arms and legs, sign language, hearing aids.

Now, the emoji creators have gotten really creative and have added a

However, the one emoji that's been receiving the most attention is a hand pinching gesture emoji to indicate a 'small penis'.

So far reviews are favorable...

 'An emoji that I can use to imply that an Internet stranger has a small penis, 2019 may not be so bad after all.'

Another tweeted : 'Looks like we're finally getting the small penis in 2019. '

For more on the new emoji's, click here! - @georgiasmith87

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