Job Alert: Choco-Captain

It's Georgia here!

Okay, I know I mentioned in a previous blog how cool it would be to ride along travelling the country, doing media events in the Oscar Meyer Weiner-Mobile. However, I think I've found something that tops it! Oh, and it involves chocolate...

The Tony's Chocolonely chocolate brand (which is based in Amsterdam, but it's chocolate is sold in across the country.) Is looking for someone to be their captain for their BRAND NEW Chocotruck! Tony's Chocolonely wants to hire three people. A Chcocotruck Captain, and two Chcocotruck copilots. Employed with the chocotruck, you'd drive across the United States, giving out samples, event setup and tear-down, taking care of the truck, and, posting photos along your route.The major selling point for me, is that truck is STOCKED WITH CHOCOLATE! How awesome of a job would that be? Being a captain of a chocolate truck, travelling the U.S.? What more perks would you want?

The Captain and the Co-pilots, will promote Tony's Chocolate brand. and you'll visit these locations:

•   Austin, Texas•   Phoenix, Arizona•   San Diego, California•   Los Angeles•   San Francisco•   Berkeley, California•   Eugene, Oregon•   Portland, Oregon•   Seattle•   ChicagoYou must be 21 to apply. If you're hired, you'll start this spring. However, the deadline date to apply is TODAY!

To apply as the Choco-captain, click HERE!

For the Choco-co pilots postion, click HERE!

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