20 Pound Giant Goldfish Caught with A Biscuit

So, this should be a lesson to not flush fish down the toilet!

In Danville, Kentucky Hunter Anderson who's been fishing for years, caught what looks to be a GIANT 20 lb, 30 inch goldfish! This makes me think of the saying that a fish can grow to the size of their tank. I guess a goldfish in a giant pond, would make any fish huge!

This image took me surprise, and I thought for sure it was edited or photo-shopped, but it is NOT. His sister Cassie Anderson who posted the picture online, and made it viral, captioned the picture:

"This is my brother!! Who is holding what could possibly be.... that pet goldfish we flushed when I was 9!!"

Hunter who was driving home with his girlfriend, wanted to show her the pond, and didn't have his regular fishing gear available, and used a savory biscuit from a restaurant he had eaten at earlier as his bait that he attached to his fishing rod. The fish was quite difficult to catch! Hunter says "This was the hardest fighting fish I ever caught," he said. "It never wanted to give up."

Hunter told USA TODAY that this was not a fake story and "I can’t be 100 percent sure ... but I would say it’s a goldfish — one of the biggest ones ever caught."

But is it really Goldfish? Kevin Kelly who's a spokesperson for the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife, says the big fish looks to be a a "butterfly koi and NOT a goldfish." Kevin adds the departments fish biologists say because the fish appears to have a "barbel near it's mouth" and that size of koi is considered average. Hmm...

Although there have been reports of giant goldfish in ponds, majority of goldfish weight is less than a pound.

Well, whatever it is, a goldfish or Koi, this is one insane and cool looking fish! It looks like a piece of art.

Good news for the fish, after he caught it, snapped a picture of it, Hunter released the fish back into the water. Hunter said "What am I going to do with it? I guess I could put it in my swimming pool."-

To be honest this guys gotta be careful luring things with biscuits. I mean heck, he could even lure me in with that!-@georgiasmith87

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