McDonald's Shamrock Shake Is Back and They Made it Even Easier to Find

Valentine's Day is over so whats next.... St. Patrick's Day!

McDonald's wasted no time launching their Shamrock Shake for all my Mint Lovers, and Dragon Breath Worriers.

Since the 70's this shake has grown into one of the most successful limited time offerings and it shows no signs of slowing down in 2019.

McDonald's has added a Shamrock Shake Locator app. So for all you people who drove to your local McDonald's in the past years and were let down, FEAR NO MORE! Now you'll be able to find where they serve this pale green minty goodness in seconds.

I still don't suggest going past midnight however since we all know that their machines are always down at exactly 12:01a.m. ;)

The Shamrock Shake comes in small ($2.19), medium ($2.59), and large ($2.99). It's available at select McDonald's restaurants while supplies last through March 24 so don't hesitate to snag one while they last.

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