CHEW WITH CAUTION….Gluten Free or Na

Can we all agree that having a food allergy is one of the most annoying traits known to man? Some of us are born with them, and some of us like myself just develop them overnight. Its very confusing when you can have a warm, soft, delicious Cinnabon one day and then the next day that same mouth watering goodness can have your throat closing up faster than you can text your bff, “WTH!”

So us “label lookers,” rely heavily on what information is given by the packaging of the company and or our trust in restaurant staff members when we give them a heads up on our food allergy.

Unfortunately we can’t always rely on companies or restaurants to follow through with caution the way we would hope.In fact an article written last year by, HealthDay Reporter, Alan Mozes states that, “ One-Third of Gluten Free Restaurants Foods in the U.S. Are NOT.” YIKES!!! Click the link with caution and to possibly freak yourself out even more than you already were.

The most recent company to have a hiccup was Nature’s Path. The company says its organic cereal is “gluten free” but it’s NOT. Nature Path is currently recalling three different types of EnviroKidz cereals: Choco Chimp, Jungle Munch, and Gorilla Munch. All three of these have been found to have gluten traces caused by “air contamination.”

Here’s the list of 10- ounce boxes Nature’s Path Foods pulled from the U.S.:

oEnviroKidz Choco Chimp with best by date of 8/27/2019

oGorilla Munch with best by dates of 8/24/2019 and 9/21/2019

oJungle Munch, with a best by date of 8/1/2019

If we've learned anything today its clearly we cant trust anyone or anything unless you've grown and cooked it yourself.

So ill leave you with this; any bite can be your last bite, so chew with caution, and live your best life, oh and maybe just have an EpiPen handy!

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