Top 5 Smells Of Your Childhood

Have you walked into a store, or picked something up, and just the distinct scent is enough to take you back to a time and place in your past? The'scent'is enough to trigger a trip down nostalgia. Like, opening up brand new toy from it's box.

For me, when I smell Tom Ford's "Black Orchid" perfume, it reminds me of when I go to a event. Whether it'd be a comic con, or going to an arena. Random isn't it? Even when I smell or chew mint gum, it right away makes me think of being on an airplane. I associate mint gum with airports and travelling.

To some, the smell of Blockbuster might not trigger the smell, but the smell of popcorn, candy, and plastic immediately comes to mind.

I've made a list of things that a nostalgic and memorable smells:

  • Gak - (If you were a 90's kid and loved Nickelodeon, you knew how great Gak was)

  • Cap Guns - Buster confesses to the joy this gun powdery scent gave him as a young lad!

  • Smelly Markers - Crayola Smelly markers. Who didn't have these in their desk drawer in Elementary School?

  • Toys R Us -Now where do I find my wrestling action figures?!

  • Blockbuster (Oh, how we miss you on lonely Friday nights)

What smells trigger a memory for you?-@georgiasmith87

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