Keep Monkeying Around and You May Just Get Herpes

When Santa leaves you a box of a coal under the tree don't be sad, just be glad it wasn’t herpes!

Colonel Tooey on the other hand, decided to give us the gift that keeps on giving!

Albeit, I'm certain he didn't know that his attempt to boost tourism on an island in the Silver Run area in the 1930's would lead to a booming population of herpes B-carrying monkeys in 2019.

Or maybe just maybe putting monkeys that can indeed swim on an island, wasn’t going to contain them to one area. You know just allowing them to casually spread 8 miles away from their original destination....EPIC FAIL!!!

Researchers from the University of Florida have deemed these non-native rhesus macaque monkeys growing out of control. Dr. Steve A. Johnson, of the department of wildlife ecology and conservation said, “its very unlikely you can contract this disease, but if you did, its potentially lethal.”

So unless herpes is your thing: do not feed, do not approach, and just observe them from a safe distance for your own safety since getting scratched, bitten, or anything in that nature can transfer this disease to humans.

Finally, I leave you with this. They can be aggressive and are not scared I repeat they are NOT scared to run up on you like a bottle THOT in a club with four dollars in her LV clutch and fake red bottoms on looking for a drink to quench her “thirst.”

Don't believe me? Check this link out on what NOT to do: a family being attacked by these potentially carrying herpes carrying primates.

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