Video Game Addiction a Mental Disorder? W.H.O. says YES!

So quick question, what’s more addicting Video Games, or Mary Jane?

According to W.H.O. (World Health Organization) video games takes the cake. It is now recognizing video game addiction as a mental disorder.

Dr. Roslyn Gerwin, with Maine Behavioral Healthcare considers signs of addiction are seen when gaming is taking precedent over day-to-day activities like: sleeping, going to school/work, and homework/chores. She also suggests parents play video games with their children to influence them on what they’re doing. (weird flex but ok)

So pro tip to all the jealous girlfriends, wives, and baby mommas that hate sharing your alone time with your mans and his gaming console, either pick up that control or get this disorder integrated into the U.S. so you can call him the CRAZY one.

And even though the United States has not yet recognized this as a mental disorder (denial, first sign of addiction) I’m sure we can point out a few of our friends that may just fall under this category.

I am curious though, to all my 80’s babies out there, ah I guess ill throw in the super early 90’s babies as well. What was that first game that got you hooked? So hooked you could have possibly been diagnosed with this mental disorder; Doom? Duke Nukem? Golden Eye?

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