Top 5 Spring Break Activities In Tampa Bay

Can you believe that spring break is among us here in Tampa Bay? When you think of Spring break, you probably think of parties on the beach, 'Girls Gone Wild', and family vacations abroad.

Here are top 5 things you can do while on Spring break here!

  • The Florida Aquarium Young or old, the Florida Aquarium is definitely a top spot to check out here in Tampa Bay. With lots of animals to see from in the water to on dry land, there's lots to experience here! You can also from hit the ocean and search for wild dolphins and have a VIP experience with the African penguins. You can also go dive in the water at the aquarium and see sting rays, eels, and sea turtles. Whether on a date, with your family, or with a friend, I'd definitely check out. Click here to see ticket options.

  • Adventure Island Now, this is a perfect place to check out on a hot day in Tampa. Full of water slides big and small. There's a new drop slide called "Vanish Point" that has you and a friend plunge 70 feet down. With lots of other water slides to explore, you can have all day fun here. Tickets and season passes are available here.

  • St. Pete Beach You can kick back here with a drink and chill and take a swim on this beautiful beach. After the beach, you can explore all the cosmopolitan places for dinner like the Canopy around Downtown St. Pete. It's the Perfect balance for the casual, laid back, and attraction explorer. Beach plus Spring break, plus Florida... Winner!

  • WWE NXT Show If you're a wrestling fan, or new to the sport, you will definitely want to see the hottest live event in Sports Entertainment. NXT live, will give you a feel of an independent wrestling show, and at the same time, you'll see WWE stars like Ricochet, Velveteen Dream, Bianca Belair to name a few. You can witness a local NXT wrestling show live on March 22nd. Your mind will be blown at what these athletes can do. You can purchase your tickets here.

  • Tampa Bay Brewing Company Located in Central Ybor, these Handcrafted brews are on tap at this brewery. If you want to explore in specialized brewing flavors, and hop-centric IPA's, APA/s, along with some pub grub, and Happy Hour is particularly good. According to the site "It lets you sample six of the house specialties for a single price. Once you've figured out what you like, then go back for full-sized servings of your favorite." Sounds like a nice evening out.


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