Cadbury Unveils New 'Bunny'

It's Georgia here!

Bulldogs of course have a special place in my heart! So, seeing this just made my day.

In Wilmington, North Carolina Henry the British Bulldog has been declared the new Cadbury Bunny. With Easter coming up, (and it's actually appropriate seeing as Cadbury Chocolate Factory is in England), and they've got a BRITISH bulldog representing the company!

Henri the adorable Bulldog is this years Cadbury bunny! Henri won the top spot in the contest against 4,000 other candidates in the first ever Cadbury "Bunny Tryouts." He made it to the 20 semi finalists last week before he beat out all the other animals!

Henri beat out other dogs, cats, geckos, a llama, a pig, posing with bunny ears. Henri will star in this years upcoming Cadbury 'Clucking' bunny commercial, which will be expected to release sometime next month. The Cadbury bunny clucking commercial is a famous and iconic advertisement.

Katrina Vatter, who's apart of the marketing team for the Cabdury US brand, said "For the first time in over 35 years, we are honored to expand our tradition and welcome Henri as a new character to the commercial. How exciting!

Also, (Speaking of animals taking over in advertisements) a shout out to my cousin @natbynature's cat @2pawz for his photo debut on the cover of @freshsteplitter kitty litter box. Check it out!