61 Year Old Woman Gives Birth To Granddaughter

In Nebraska, a 61 year old gives birth to her Granddaughter. How this is possible?!

This unbelievable story comes from Cecile Eledge is a 61 year old mom of three. Cecile who's had a healthy lifestyle throughout her life, received the benefits of her good health, when she gave birth to her son Matthew Eledge and his partner Elliot Dougherty baby girl Uma, on March 25th. Elliot's sister Lea, donated her egg, which was fertilized by Matthew's sperm. Which was then carried by Matthew's 61 year old mom Cecile.

Matthew 32, and Elliot 29 got married in 2015, and wanted a family and wanted a family. They were looking at different options to have a child, including going down the surrogate route. Cecile chimed in, and suggested "If you're taking names throw my name in the hat. I would do it in a heartbeat if I could." It was a 'no brainer" for her. She thought "Who better to care for their own grandchild than their grandmother?" Cecile knew she would do everything in her power to keep the baby healthy and safe.

Matthew thought that was nice of his mom to offer, but thought that wouldn't be medically possible. However, their doctor at The Methodist Women's Hospital, in Omaha, said she could be the surrogate. It was then a long scientific process, and her age being a consideration, Cecile had to go through different tests from doctors, that said her "high level of physical health made her a candidate to serve as a gestational surrogate." Once she was given the ok to be the surrogate she was given different supplements in her daily routine for the pregnancy. Even though Cecile had good health and was given the medical ok, this was still ore stressful than the usual pregnancy.

It all worked out though, and is and successful! Matthew and Elliot hope their gives hope to others out there who can't have children, and says this experience of his 61 year having his and same sex partners baby, is a "really special and unique."


Sure is unique!- @georgiasmith87

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