Top 6 April Fool's Pranks Made By Big Companies

It's Georgia here, and April Fool's Day is here!

April Fool's which is celebrated world wide is a lighthearted funny day, which you play a joke or prank on an unsuspected family or friend. Funny thing is, April Fool's isn't just celebrated just people! It's also being celebrated by big million dollar companies worldwide.Take a look below at some of the funny April Fool's jokes done by companies...

  • Lays- The Lay's company in India came up with a "no share pack." This 'release' said that Lays installed fingerprint sensors. This prank concept idea was "Love chips, but hate sharing them?" When it came out that this was an April Fool's Day joke, lots of people thought it was funny, but others (like me) wished it was reality!

  • McDonald's- Mcdonald's in Australia came up with the "McPickle Burger" a burger which consisted of just pickles! The McDonald's instagram post described it as 'juicy, flavoursome pickles layered between melted cheese, ketchup sauce, and toasted sesame seed buns. It's sure to be a treat for all your senses." One follower commented "A dream come true!" Followers figured out this was an April Fool's Day joke, and some were seriously disappointed... One follower posted "This shouldn’t be a joke," The McPickle got a lot of good feedback (even myself a pickle lover was excited for this!) So, maybe in the future McDonald's will come out with the McPickle!

  • Amazon's Petlexa- We all know Amazon's Alexa, (very similar to Apple's Siri), a speaker with the features of the voice interaction, ordering things online, music play back, making to do lists, streaming podcasts, traffic, real time news and information, among other things! For this April Fool's advertisement, Amazon came out with a "Petlexa" a speaker for dogs and cats. This is hilarious! they said this would allow dogs, cats, along other animals to communicate with each other, and to communicate with Aelxa just like us humans. Cute and funny!

  • Dunkin' Donuts- Dunkin' Donuts shot at April Fool's was their 'Cup holder' concept. Now, this wasn't just a boring plastic cup holder for you dunkin' coffee or drink. This was a DONUT cup holder! (I actually don't know how this would've worked out in the long run?) I mean a hot or cold drink, would've just made the Donut and cup sticky right? The ad for it looked pretty good though. A Homer Simpson dream! You take a bite out of the donut, and then sip your coffee which is holding your coffee, and repeat!

  • Hasbro's Mr. Avocado Head- I found this one quite funny. The Hasbro toy company who created the famous "Mr. Potato head" posted on their social media that they were coming out with a new 'Mr. Avocado head." They posted "Holy guacamole! We've given Mr. Potato Head the sack and we're introducing his new hispter companion, Mr. Avo Head!" Avocado toys are popular, so this wasn't too far off reality.

  • Zombie Apocalypse- I have a personal appreciation for this one as a fellow Canadian! The National Research Council of Canada shared a picture of the a 'ongoing zombie apocalypse.' If i saw this on TV at my moms house in Canada, or here for that matter, it would for sure terrify me for a second. This on the other hand, would be illegal here in the states to do!

Well, another April Fools Day has com and gone (apparently ends at noon)... However, I've got some ideas for some pranks next year!

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