My WrestleMania Experience

It's Georgia here, and I'm BACK from WrestleMania 35 in New York...

What a week it's been... I hadn't attended a WrestleMania in eight years. I was excited and I didn't know what to expect? I also got to reunite with some of my family that I hadn't seen in years. There was some fun times, and history that had been made in the WWE, but there was also a scary moment that made me really think and appreciate my family even more.

I got to attend the WWE Hall of fame Ceremony in honor of my uncles, and past WWE tag team champions Bret Hart's and Jim Neidhart's "Hart Foundation" induction. It was a beautiful moment for my family, along with my cousin Nattie to induct her late dad Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart. It had been long anticipated Hall of Fame for WWE fans, and for my family, that we had been looking forward to. Bret talked about the start of the Hart Foundation, their accomplishments until it got interrupted by a guy mad man running into the ring stage and taking tackling my uncle Bret, and taking down my cousin Nattie with Bret. In seconds, the WWE wrestlers like Kofi Kingston, Heath Slater, Braun Strowman, Titus O'neil. Along with UFC fighter Travis Browne, my brother Harry and even my mom got involved to help her brother.

When Bret got taken down my family and I all had a delayed reaction. We thought for a second that this strange act was apart of the show, and then we knew once all the wrestlers swarmed to my uncle Bret's defense. We were all absolutely terrified, and stunned It was a scary few moments, as we thought the attacker had a knife when he was over Bret. It's a chaotic blur now, and still in disbelief that that random act occurred.

Once the scuffle had been diverted, Bret got up dusted himself off, and continued with his Hall of Fame speech like nothing happened. Bret didn't want anything or anyone to take away this moment. The incident however, did damper the evening, and there was a tension and fear in the air for the remainder of the Hall of Fame. Bret was fine but mentioned that he landed on his hip, and went to the hospital for x-rays, to make sure there was no internal damage. Bret has been through a lot with his past wrestling injuries, a past stroke, and his recovery from prostate cancer. Bret isn't wrestling anymore, and to do that at a vulnerable moment, when Bret is opening up his heart to everyone was really bad. My family and I stood united and had each others backs through it all, and it really put things into perspective for all of us. Just showed how strong we are and how we will always protect each other.

After the Hall of Fame, it was hard to settle down, relax, or celebrate. But we tried. Going into the big Wrestlemania day, there was a lot of good matches, and it was amazing seeing my cousin Nattie involved in a womens tag team match. Nattie's tag team partner was WWE Hall of Famer Beth Phoenix. Nattie and Beth didn't win the tag team titles but it was amazing seeing my cousin Nattie and Beth being walked down to the ring by Bret, and shining after the last nights incident in front of 82,265 fans. This Wrestlemania 35 broke the record for MetLife Stadium's highest-grossing entertainment event. It also grosses $16.9 million, surpassing the venue's previous record of $12.3 million set by Wrestlemania 29 in 2013.

The 2019 Wrestlemania also made history by having for the first time, a women's main event match ever in WWE history. This was a three way womens match which was Smackdown Women's Champion Charlotte Flair against Raw Women's Champion Rhonda Rousey, against "The Man" Becky Lynch. The winner of the match would be taking both the Smackdown's and Raw's women's titles. The winner of the main event match was Becky! Which was great!

Another part of history for this years Wrestlemania, was that Kofi Kingston won the WWE Championship against Daniel Bryan. This made Kofi the first ever African American WWE World Champion.

This was a the WrestleMania was so different from the past ones I had attended. It had it's highs and lows, history being made, my family reuniting and coming together. Most of all, it put things in perspective for me, and really showed me what was important. I'm looking forward to next years WrestleMania, and what that will bring? Luckily, it'll be here in Tampa Bay. I can't wait! -Georgia

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