1,240 Pounds Of Trash Collected From Sarasota Bay

This afternoon in Sarasota, over 100 volunteers helped collect up to 1,240 pounds of trash that was pulled out of the Sarasota Bay over the weekend. There was also 80 pounds of items that could be recycled. That is unbelievable!

The clean up at the Sarasota Bay got much deserved praise and positive feedback via social media for this AMAZING clean up job. The City of Sarasota's facebook page stated there were tons of styrofoam that was found from the shore. There was also tires, radio, sailboat rudder, old crab traps, that were piled up at the bottom of the Bay from the volunteers. This is so

The City of Sarasota facebook page posted:

"Thanks to the 100+ community members who volunteered several hours Saturday morning to cleanup our precious Sarasota Bay! 1,240 pounds of trash was collected both on land and underwater, including 80 pounds of recycling -- that's significant! Lots of styrofoam was picked up from the riprap along the shore and from the Bay bottom, tires, a radio, sailboat rudder, and old crab traps were retrieved by volunteer scuba divers.

Our Great American Cleanup event, sponsored through the generosity of the Recycling Partnership and the Coca Cola Co. Foundation via its Coastal and Waterway Community Recycling Grant, was held with support from the Estuary Program, Sarasota Bay, and Rethinking Plastic -- thank you, all! And thanks to our SPD marine patrol for their assistance."

So, if you know the owner of all this trash tell them that they won a prize!... And, report them to the Sarasota Bay! -@georgiasmith87

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