McDonald's Pulls Signature Burgers Off Their Menu

McDonald's is getting rid of their signature crafted burgers already! (Now, this isn't an April Fool's joke like the McDonald's McPickle Burger that I was featured in this previous blog)

McDonald's will be focusing more on their basic and more simple burgers like the Quarter Pounder and the Big Macs. The Quarter Pounder and the Big mac are the more popular burgers on the menu and they are faster to make.

To keep up with the competition of Wendy's and Shake Shack premium burgers menu, McDonald's added the premium signature burgers two years ago to the menu. However, putting together these signature and 'gourmet' burgers, took longer to make, which slowed down the line ups in the restaurant and in the drive thru lines.

I've never had the McDonald's premium burgers, but they were beef, grilled, or crispy chicken burgers that came with sauces like 'pico guacamole', 'sweet BBQ bacon or maple bcaon dijon'. Fancy! Where on the other hand, you have the Quarter Pounder which is just a simple beef pattie with cheese, ketchup. pickles, and onions. The new McDonald's Deluxe and Bacon Quarter Pounder are doing good so far with the customers, and McDonald's wants to continue to focus and push them.

Howard Penney, who's a managing director at Hedgeye Risk Management says the time consuming process of cooking the actual burger in McDonald's is the main issue. Rather than what the customers are saying about the burgers. Penny also says "The move is seen as positive." This is also the second time this month that McDonald's has changed their menu. The other change was taking down some of the late night items, and making only eight items available.

Alright McDonald's... I understand you're decision making. Just your premium roasted coffee menu!... And we'll be good-@georgiasmith87

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