Today Downtown Tampa Opens 80's and 90's Themed Bar GenX

If you're a 90's kid like me, then this will be right up your alley!

It's Georgia here, and today in Tampa, the long awaited throwback GenX Tavern located at 103 East Jackson St, will be making it's debut in downtown Tampa. This tavern will be 80's and 90's themed, from it's decor to it's food and drink menu. This sounds amazing.

The GenX Tavern's menu has party starters/appetizers, bowls, burgers, salads, burgers, tacos, and desserts. The foods will be a nod to the 80's and 90's. The "Big Mic" Onion Rings which consists of onion rings stuffed with ground beef, Velveeta cheese, and relish served with Big Mick (Big Mac) dipping sauce. They'll also have some of our 90's kids favorites, like Fried Twinkies, Dunkaroos with animal crackers and homemade sweet confetti dip.

On the iheart radio podcast, Buster and I discussed "15 Things that don't exist anymore", we talked about things from our childhood in the 90's that no longer exist. (Yes, we're old...) Dunkaroo's, Taco Bell Lunchables, 3-D Dortios, to name a few! Have a listen here!

The bar, is made to look like the game Kerplunk (Oh my god, I loved that game!) I can't even picture what this looks like. The cocktails are named after 80's and 90's hit films like "The Breakfast Club Martini", "Pretty in Pink Tequila",

The tavern will also have VHS movie tapes around. There'll some other fun decor, art, and murals inside made by local illustrators like the Tampa Murals. There will be a locker room mural with 200 references. Including the old school MTV logo, along with Care Bears art. Also, keep your eye out for Cabbage Patch Kids around the tavern.

There's also an interactive TV wall which is hooked up to an old school Nintendo and VCR, and a "Last Supper" mural that includes deceased celebrities, and icons Big Bird, ET, Beetlejuice, and Karate Kid.

Of course, the tavern wouldn't be a 80's/90's themed if it didn't have... Arcade games. This place sounds like it has it all.

Beginning this weekend, the hours for the Gen X tavern will be:

Monday-Thursday: 11:00 am-midnight

Friday and Saturday: 11:00 am-1:00 am

Sunday: 11:00 am-11:00 pm

Click here to see more of this brand new blast from the past tavern.

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