"Game of Thrones" Fan Theory Explains Why Jon Snow Screamed At Viserion

My mind is kinda beyond blown, and I didn't catch this at all!

A lot of people who watched last Sunday's insane episode of "Game of Thrones" made fun of the fact that Jon Snow really didn't play a big part in doing anything.

He spent most of the episode flying around on the dragon, then running from another dragon.

But a Reddit user brought up a MIND BLOWING theory, and it completely makes sense!

They said if you go back and watch it, Jon actually screams:


The theory is that he's not yelling at Viserion, he's ACTUALLY yelling at Arya to run past.

He's distracting the dragon so Arya can get by and kill the Night King!!

According to the theory, that's also why the scene shows hair on a White Walker blowing.


Watch the scene, and judge for yourself:

Stuntman From "Avengers: Endgame", Favorite Bad Movies, & "Game of Thrones" - Thumbnail Image

Stuntman From "Avengers: Endgame", Favorite Bad Movies, & "Game of Thrones"

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