Doctor Shares Graphic Photos Showing Why You Shouldn't Sleep In Contacts

I don't wear contacts, but I've definitely dated girls that have gone to sleep in their contacts before, and didn't see issue with it.

Well an eye doctor in North Carolina shared some pretty graphic photos to remind people why it's a VERY bad idea to sleep in your contacts.

According to the Facebook post:

The pictures below show a referred case from the local urgent care, a subsequently cultured pseudomonas ulcer, and are the direct result of sleeping in contact lenses.

Ok, that's absolutely horrific.

The eye doctor followed up the post with a lengthy comment:

When we first posted this case to our page, we did not realize more than 30M people would see it in the first 3 days! It does seem that this post has gained substantial awareness on the matter with hopes to correct unhealthy behaviors. That being said, I would like to briefly address some topics:
1. The eye appears green because of the fluorescein dye that is instilled in the eye. The dye pools in areas of corneal compromise, in this case the ulcer bed.
2. This case did not take "years" to form. In fact, it took about 36 hours, as is characteristic of this strain of bacteria. This patient presented to urgent care on Tuesday afternoon and was noted to have a "small ulcer." I examined her the following day (photos above) with a massive ulcer and vision that was reduced to light perception only.
3. "The adoption and increasingly popular overnight use (or misuse) of [soft] extended wear contact lenses as a convenient method for correction of routine refractive errors has been associated with a dramatic increase in cases of microbial keratitis in eyes that are not otherwise predisposed to this condition." This is straight from the medical literature and is not debatable. Don't sleep in SOFT contact lenses.
4. Yes, this post is a "scare tactic"... to get you to stop sleeping in soft contacts.
5. "I sleep in mine all the time and this has never happened ONCE!" Do you think someone would go through this twice??
6. If you still are adamant about ignoring these well-documented warnings... you are potentially contributing to clinical research to discover better, more efficacious drugs/devices/surgeries to help out future cases. The medical literature bemoans these practices and continues to feature and headline these cases in their respected journals. Just please locate your nearest EYE doctor and put their # on speed dial.

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