Top 5 OREO Dessert Recipes

You may or may not know this but... your boy can cook!

I can usually be stopped in my tracks when I see one of those jump-cut, recipe videos on my feed. That being said, let's talk about the fun we can have with OREO cookies.

These are 5 ways to re-engineer the world's favorite cookie!

The Fried Oreo!

Here's the recipe to get these classic bad boys down the hatch without having to go the fair and smell horse poop. Click HERE.

The Cold No-Bake Thing!

If it's a gathering that doesn't involve a cake, this good ass dessert is sure to pop up. It's usually brought to the party by the younger couple that doesn't have time to cook... yet it goes WAY faster than the homemade sweet potato pie your Aunt keeps forcing on everyone. Click HERE.

Oreo Lasagna In A Cup!

Another delicious Oreo dessert that goes without an official name but we've all had! Every party that serves hors d'oeuvres, usually busts these out. They're easy to carry while you mingle with people you wouldn't be caught dead with. Just watch out for your teeth in convo after one of these bad boys.

The Oreo Blizzard

You ain't steppin' to the Queen and this piece of American culture.

The McDonald's Cheeseburger Oreo

This doesn't exist. I found this online and had to share but you know what DOES exist?

The OREO S'Mores are back at your local store! Don't sleep because they're gone before your munchies are over. -Buster

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