Watch Coldplay Surprise Concertgoers By Debuting New Song

Coldplay Performs At Rose Bowl Stadium

Photo: Getty Images North America

Coldplay treated fans at a show in Athens, Greece to a brand new song. The piano ballad, called "All My Love," was performed solo by Chris Martin as the last song of the set.

“We have a new song which you weren’t supposed to hear until September but I’m going to play it for you now one time,” he told the audience before playing the song. “It would be better if you didn’t put this on the internet. I know that is difficult to ask. But we [want] you to treat this like a rehearsal between us. This is called ‘All My Love.’ This is how we feel about all of you.”

In the song, Martin sings about everything a strong relationship can overcome. “We’ve been through lows, been through sunshine, been through the storm/ All the colors of the weather," he croons. "We’ve been through high, every corner of the sky/ Still we hold it all together/ You’ve got all my love.”

The surprise live debut of "All My Love" follows Coldplay teasing another new song presumably called "First Time." The band shared a snippet of that track on Instagram last week; however, didn't give any details about when fans can expect to hear the whole thing.

Watch Martin perform "All My Love" below.

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