Pray: A Poem By Brian Fink

I wrote this poem in 2016 after the mass shooting at Pulse and the tragic death of Christina Grimmie.  With the mass shootings in Las Vegas and now in Parkland, FL, wanted to share it again. We need to not only pray for all the victims, but we need to pray for humanity right now. This world is a very scary place. 



The past 48 have been grueling for us all.
The heartbeats of the innocent have been selfishly stolen,
And we have been stripped of the joys that life is supposed to offer;
All for an idiotic ideology of hate. 
We have cried. 
But we have come together for the sake of solitude,
And denounced an evil we don't understand;
Because that is our nature,
As humanity. 
As living souls with an inch of compassion. 
I simply wish this benevolence would last longer than the 6 o'clock news that reports it.

In this moment of utter darkness,
I say a prayer.
And it's a simple prayer. 
That soon,
For the sake of our children,
And our children's children,
We can all come together
As the human beings we are,
And just look after each other.
It's not a lot to ask. 
I'm not telling you to agree with everything your neighbor says,
Or does.
Just love.
Love for the fact that whether we like it or not,
We are in this together. 
We are all holding up the walls of this chaotic world,
And unfortunately,
With every hand that lets go to pull a trigger of disdain,
We crumble that much more into the apocalypse of our ancestors.
We need to learn from our past,
Not relive it. 
Why can't we see that hate is such a destructive force
That will abolish us all.
We need to unite,
And fast.
Otherwise the generations to come will be paying for our sins,
The same way we are. 
Hold each other up,
No matter how strong or weak you are.
Protect each other;
Not for the three or four days the sensationalism lasts,
But for the rest of eternity. 
Otherwise our future is as bleak as the static we are all going through right now.
For the sake of us all.

@2016 Brian Fink

Brian Fink

Brian Fink

Brian Fink is a major smart-ass with major OCD, who has an unhealthy obsession with his cats, dance music, grilled cheese, and long walks on the beach. Read more


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