Girl’s Screams On Slingshot Are Demonic


I’ll skydive. I’ll bungee. I’ll ride every roller coaster at Busch Gardens.

But I will never ever ever ever ever EVER ever ever do the Slingshot. 

a) I know my anxiety, and it would absolutely destroy me with the anticipation of being shot 300 feet in the air on a glorified rubber band.

b) I’ve seen way too many videos of people freaking out and blacking out. I will not allow that to be me. 

c) I will NOT allow that to be me. 

PODCAST: Episode 4 of #TotallySpoiled, Wrapping Up "This Is Us"
PODCAST: Episode 4 of #TotallySpoiled, Wrapping Up "This Is Us"
If you missed the season finale of #ThisIsUs, you missed A LOT. Let's discuss! #TotallySpoiled
Brian Fink

Brian Fink

Brian Fink is a major smart-ass with major OCD, who has an unhealthy obsession with his cats, dance music, grilled cheese, and long walks on the beach. Read more


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