Chocolate Medicine?

Let's get chocolate wasted.

It's Georgia, and I've lived in England where in (my opinion) has the BEST chocolate in the world! I mean you have Cadbury World there. Now, scientists in the UK are reporting about Chocolate based medicine there? Sounds too good to be true. Some people think this IS too good to be true, and a myth. However...

A study by scientists at Imperial College in London tested 163 patients with chocolate based medicine and after two days, they  believed a "significant improvement" in their cough and cold symptoms. 

To add to this research, heading more up north in jolly old UK, at the University of Hull, Professor Alyn Morice head of cardiovascular and respistory studies, says "chocolate can calm coughs." He also tells UK's Daily Mail that the largest real world study of an over the counter cough remedy results are in.... and it proves that medicine with COCOA IS BETTER than the standard medicine. 

Professor Alyn Morice states that this new chocolate medicine, Unicough has been proven to reduce cough and sleep disruption within 48 hours. 

Chocolate a throat and cough soother? I'll take it! Maybe getting a cold has it's perks. -@georgiasmith87 



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