KFC Releases Gravy Scented Candle

Move over Yankee Candle!...

It's Georgia here! Now, this new limited edition candle isn't a festive favorite, a sweet cookie dough favorite, or even the classic "fresh laundry" scent. It's all nothing but gravy!

Here's your chance to fill your home with the scent of gravy! KFC UK announced their new "Gravy" scented candle! Right now the limited gravy scented candle is only available online in the UK. The scent was created from a perfumer to recreate that famous gravy smell, and to capture all the sweet gravy components. The candle is also a right brown gravy color. It sounds good enough to actually eat.

 KFC are offering the candle online to the first 230 people. I lived in the UK, and people there go crazy for the KFC gravy. So, I have a feeling this is not only going to be a hit in the UK, but will be in demand all over the world. 

Well, good on you KFC! I think you've tapped into the current candle frenzy. What's next? A McDonald's fry flavored candle? Oh my, I can only dream!... -@georgiasmith87



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