"Buddy the Elf Spaghetti" Meal Kits Are Here for the Holidays

Photo: Getty Images

Remember the scene in the Holiday classic film, "Elf" when Will Ferrell has spaghetti for breakfast, except he covers it in candy and maple syrup? (If not, spoiler alert!) Well, now you'll be able to enjoy some yourself because there's a new meal kit version coming this holiday season.

The film's studio, Warner Brothers, has teamed up with HelloFresh to bring you a meal kit from "Elf".

You'll be able to order the kits at HelloFreshElfSpaghetti.com starting next Monday (12/5/2022). Each kit costs $15 and makes 2 full servings of "Buddy the Elf Spaghetti".

Each kit is complete with everything you need to make the film-inspired cuisine: pasta, marshmallows, various candies, maple syrup, chocolate syrup, chocolate cereal, and a generic version of chocolate-frosted Pop Tarts.

HelloFresh is making just a limited number of the kits available each day, Monday through Friday and they go on sale at 12:25 PM EST, with a purchase maximum of two kits.

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