Next Up Artist Of The Week: Melanie Martinez

Melanie Martinez is our Next Up Artist of the Week! She joined EJ for a virtual interview about her EP 'After School', creative inspirations, her fans and more!

While many artists are struggling being creative during this time, Melanie has been having fun creating and being inspired. She mentions what has helped her get inspired.

I had this whole period of time where I had really bad writers block and I'm just starting to transform out of it. I think when you clear your space and declutter and clear your energy of anything that doesn't serve you anymore, you know what I mean? Just transforming and that kind of energy and help you unblock creatively. So that's kind of what I've been working on.

"Playdate" is the single everyone is talking about but Melanie has more music coming soon in a 7-song EP titled "After School". She explains that it's an attachment to "K-12" album but it's not as focused on Cry Baby's character, it's focused on Melanie and her own personal experiences.

Check out more from the interview below!