Signs You Need A Vacation…DESPERATELY

With the holidays quickly approaching it can be a really stressful time in the year as we finish up the last quarter with a series of seasonal celebrations. The reality is that 65% of Americans say the holidays actually stress them out, and I am totally part of that percentage.

It turns out that 44% of those surveyed would rather take a trip by themselves than spend the holidays at home with their family, because American’s are hesitant to spend the holidays with family these days.

Not all Americans have the luxury to get away during the holidays. Over 26% have not taken a vacation in the last year – and nearly 3 in 10 haven’t had the chance to go on even a weekend getaway in the last year either.

Results found the average American surveyed utters the phrase “I need a vacation” roughly three times a week, (or day in my case).

Aside from the daily stressors and minor life events, Americans will use the festive season as an excuse to get away, or if you’re like me, ANY reason to get away.

Here are some other reasons that prompts society into booking a vacation:

·Nearly 3 in 5 say personal issues lead them to consider booking a trip while a further 54 percent reveal career-related issues have spurred them to get away.

·41% were prompted to get away because they found themselves waking up grumpy in the mornings and 39% were told by coworkers that they needed a vacation.

·67% of those studied reveal they have booked a trip or vacation because they were trying to get away from something at home.

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