Ivanka Trump in Tampa, Praises Dad's Efforts for Small Business

TAMPA -- "Isn't it shocking to actually know where somebody stands?"

Ivanka Trump praised her father's bluntness among other aspects of his presidency, during a private appearance at the Columbia Restaurant at lunchtime. The event was conducted like an interview, with the moderator being longtime Trump supporter and former state attorney general, Pam Bondi, who hails from Tampa.

The president's daughter and adviser praised the economy as it existed before the COVID-19 pandemic, with historically low levels of unemployment. She also pointed to loans under the Paycheck Protection Program as having saved many small businesses, including La Segunda Central bakery. Ivanka Trump visited the bakery before her appearance and said a PPP loan kept the bakery from going under during the lockdown.

Ivanka also said the president had kept his promises... and recalled her father saying that he'd kept more of them than he had made in the first place.

Ms. Trump and Bondi also spoke about improving economic opportunities for women in Latin America.

Photo: Getty Images